The hottest plastic flexible packaging technology

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The plastic flexible packaging technology application exchange meeting will be held in Shenyang. On September, the 2007 National plastic flexible packaging technology application exchange meeting, CO hosted by Guangzhou Zhongxia flexible packaging information consulting company and flexible packaging technology magazine, will be held in Shenyang Liaoning science and Technology Hotel, one of the co host cities of the Olympic games

this meeting is mainly for flexible packaging color printing plants, with the theme of flexible packaging composite. At the exchange meeting, famous domestic and foreign suppliers of end or shoulder flexible packaging raw and auxiliary materials, plastic color printing plants and supporting manufacturers and relevant experts who need to clamp the sample with clamps were specially invited to the meeting for technical exchanges, and new technologies, new products, new processes and other information of the domestic and foreign flexible packaging industry were released

senior engineers from Henkel company were invited to give a detailed introduction to cooking bags and solvent-free compounding. Experts from Ye's ink company will give a detailed description of the current status and development of plastic gravure printing inks. At the same time, the application of plastic gravure printing ink in flexible packaging is analyzed in detail by combining examples. Other suppliers and enterprises will explain in detail the new products, new technologies, and the application of new technologies in flexible packaging in 2018

in addition, Jiang Gu and Qian Shu, heavyweight experts in the flexible packaging industry, will answer the problems encountered by the audience in production practice one by one

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