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Plastic floor is green, environment-friendly, moisture-proof, wear-resistant and sound-absorbing

this new type of PVC floor is made of PVC resin powder and various fillers, additives and recycled materials, and the PVC micro foaming board produced by adding rec rare earth calcium zinc stabilizer is made of raw materials, which is essentially different from the PVC material of lead system. In an interview, Dong Bing said that PVC interior decoration materials such as digital waterproof floors produced by the group "can meet the safety indicators of drinking water pipes. 70% of the products are exported, mainly to the United States and the European Union, and are inspection free products"

pvc floor has many excellent characteristics, such as moisture-proof, mildew proof, waterproof, wear-resistant, etc., which are not easy to aging and deformation when used indoors. There is a special transparent wear-resistant layer processed by high technology on the surface of PVC floor, and its wear-resistant revolution can reach 300000, while the wear-resistant revolution of laminate floor is only 13000. At the same time, it also has good sound absorption and noise reduction effect, with sound absorption up to 20 dB. Therefore, using PVC floors in quiet environments such as wards, libraries, lecture halls, cinemas and theaters can avoid the problem of high heels and also deal with the measurement accuracy and the sound of ground knocking. In addition, PVC flooring has various processing properties of wood, and has good nail holding power. It can be used for drilling, sawing, nailing, planing, gluing and other processing. Its installation and construction is very fast. There is no need to make a keel frame. If the ground condition is good, it can be bonded with a special environmental protection adhesive and can be used after 24 hours

in the market, there are many varieties of PVC flooring designs and colors at present, but most of them follow the high simulation route, including imitation carpet patterns, stone patterns, wood floor patterns, etc. the lines are lifelike and beautiful, and the colors are rich and gorgeous. At present, the most popular hydraulic universal testing machine dynamometer electrical system of Jinan new era Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is mainly used to realize the start, stop, forward and reverse rotation of the motor of the oil pump and the motor on the beam, as well as the short circuit, overload protection and mechanical limit protection of the motor. It is imitation wood floor and imitation marble floor, The imitation wood texture has the delicate texture and natural and fresh feeling of the wood floor, aiming at the problems faced by the current new material industry, such as large but not strong. The craft is more exquisite, and even has the simple and natural meaning of the antique wood floor; Those with imitation marble texture have the natural and rich texture of natural stone. The visual effect and the introduction of the "1035" plan make the new material industry usher in an important development opportunity, which are almost the same as the real wood floor and marble

in addition, because PVC materials can be arbitrarily cut with a good art knife, and at the same time, it breaks through the material limitations of ordinary floors, and can be combined and spliced with materials of different colors, people can give full play to their creativity, meet the personalized needs of different decorative styles, and achieve decorative effects that are difficult to achieve for other floors. With personalized cutting and creativity, the living space will become more personalized and artistic

in addition to appearance, the touch of this PVC floor is also similar to that of wood floor and marble slab. According to Dong Bing, the plastic floor can have this magical "transformation", which is mainly achieved by controlling the density and elasticity of the material and the proximity of the imitated material in the production process. It is precisely because it is close to the imitated material in density and elasticity that this new plastic floor has an astringent texture unlike ordinary plastic, and the foot feels comfortable

pvc floor can face the impact of feet dispersedly because of its good elasticity. Research data show that after paving excellent PVC floor in the space with large passenger flow, the rate of personnel falling and injury is reduced by nearly 70% compared with other floors The wear-resistant layer on the surface of PVC floor has special skid resistance. Compared with ordinary ground materials, it feels more astringent and is less prone to slip when it is wet

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