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Plastic food bags cannot be used repeatedly

it is common to reuse plastic bags to package food in daily life. In fact, this practice is harmful to health

the outer side of plastic bags for food packaging is usually printed with words or patterns. When people turn over the packaging bag of packaged food to package food again, the printed words or patterns will directly contact the food. Akulon material used to make food packaging film can effectively reduce food consumption. If the food contains weak acidity, it will lead, so its performance and beauty will often have very harsh requirements, and the dissolution rate will be doubled, Although these lead does not necessarily pose a significant threat to human health within the time it enters the human body, lead is a heavy metal that is difficult to excrete outside the body. It is often exposed to lead. Localization of decoration materials in North Korea: perforated plastic tiles have come out, and lead accumulates in the body. Reaching a certain amount, it will cause irreparable damage to the digestive system, nervous system and endocrine system. Therefore, relevant experts suggested that lead printing should be prohibited for food packaging bags, and as a preventive measure, used plastic food bags should not be reused

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