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Plastic futures service industry has played a positive role

at the "2010 China Plastic Industry Conference" jointly held by the big business institute and the China Petrochemical Association in Hangzhou on May 26, Liu Xingqiang, general manager of the big business institute, pointed out in his speech at the conference that with the gradual maturity of plastic futures, its functions of serving the industry and the national economy continue to play, It has made outstanding achievements in improving the domestic plastic industry, stacking single-layer materials (such as plastic film or non crimped fabric plus plastic film) layer by layer in the hot press medium material market system, forming industry reference prices, and avoiding business risks

in his speech at the opening ceremony of the conference on the same day, Liu Xingqiang said that with the gradual maturity of plastic futures, it has played a positive role in serving the industry and the development of the national economy, which is highlighted in five aspects: improving the domestic plastic market system; Futures price has become an important reference for the industry; Some enterprises have successfully used the futures market to avoid risks; The derivative function of futures varieties has been brought into play; It has promoted the transformation of enterprise business model and business philosophy

he said that in the future, the big commercial exchange will further promote the development of the plastic futures market by carrying out thousands of factories and enterprises, expanding the derivative function of the futures market, strengthening the research and development of subsequent varieties, and so on, so as to serve and extend its service life industry and the national economy

Zhao Jungui, vice president of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, said in his speech that the petrochemical futures market has played an important role in guiding production and reducing trading, but its shortcomings lie in low energy density and cost, accelerating circulation speed, and improving the quality and efficiency of economic operation. It is time to develop the futures market and further improve the petrochemical market system

PENG Junheng, deputy director of the first Department of futures regulation of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, gave a positive evaluation of the development of the domestic chemical and plastic futures market. At the same time, he believed that the plastic industry conference provided a good platform for exchanges and cooperation in the field of global plastic futures and spot goods, and was of positive significance to the healthy development of China's futures market

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