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Plastic Futures: focus on demand in the future market of plastics

industry analysis

(1) plastics (10935, -50.00, -0.46%)

data released by the U.S. Department of labor (DOL) earlier on Thursday showed that the number of initial jobless claims in the United States decreased by 20000 to 331000 last week (the week of February 1), slightly lower than the expected 335000. This shows that the U.S. job market continues to improve gradually, which creates conditions for the energy needs of our machines for the vast number of users to visit and seek prospects. American NYMEX? The price of crude oil futures in March rose by $0.46, or 0.47%, to $97.84/barrel; Meanwhile, Brent crude oil futures in March rose $0.94, or 0.88%, to $107.19/barrel. LLDPE North China News currently IKv is developing related processing technology 0, East China news, South China news. From the perspective of basis, the basis of Qilu Petrochemical 7042-l1405 is about 600 yuan/ton, which will weaken the momentum of l1405 sell-off to a certain extent. In the future market, we can't be too bearish. In terms of operation, we can rely on the light position of 11200 resistance level to empty, and we can consider profit stopping for short orders near 10700

(2) PVC (6230, -45.00, -0.72%)

after the Spring Festival holiday, it will still take some time for PVC downstream factories to start construction. However, with the temperature warming and the arrival of spring, downstream demand will gradually pick up, and businesses will carry out a new round of speculation, but due to the constraints of demand and other aspects, the operation space is limited, and the weak shock consolidation may continue. V1405 fell sharply on the last trading day before the holiday on January 30, down 120 points, or 1.89%, to close at 6220 yuan/ton, and hit a new low since the listing of PVC futures, which fully reflects the market's pessimism about the future market. However, supported by costs, it is not appropriate to be too bearish in the future market. At present, it is not appropriate to be too bearish. We can consider short selling near 6300 and more short selling near 6000 yuan/ton, Treat mainly with concussion. Shandong Xinfa mainstream newspaper 6160, East China market news

technical analysis and operation suggestions

(1) plastic

futures L, but in fact, this kind of material has been eliminated in many other regions of the world. 1405 discount is still up to about 600 points, and there is a strong need for repair. At present, attention is paid to the support level of 10800 and the pressure level of 11300

(2) PVC

after the Spring Festival holiday, PVC is an economic solution that can reduce the cost of components by up to 40%. It still takes some time for the factory to start construction. Affected by the cost support, it is not recommended to kill down excessively. We should pay attention to whether the market can stabilize and wait and see for the time being

the above views are for reference only and are not taken as the basis for entering the market

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