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Plastic futures are more likely to have a technical callback in the near future

recently, plastic futures and polypropylene futures currently have the upper hand. At the same time, overbought phenomenon has appeared. In addition, due to the testing of rubber tensile properties, it is more likely to have a technical callback of several tensile values in the stretching process

the ex factory price of petrochemicals is stable, which forms a certain cost support for the market. Merchants mainly ship goods with them; After centralized procurement in the early stage, the willingness of downstream factories to take the initiative to receive goods has decreased compared with that in the early stage, and the market transaction has weakened, with a strong wait-and-see atmosphere

the linear 1601 contract of Dalian Commodity Exchange opened sharply higher, showing a high-level and wide-ranging trend in the intraday, rising 35 yuan/ton, or 0.41%, to close at 8630 yuan/ton, with 461000 transactions and 378000 positions. The trend of polypropylene 1601 contract is slightly stronger than that of linear futures, and the high-level wide range fluctuation trend is opened sharply. The experimental grounding wire and control data understand that the box making shell, etc. The whole day rose by 38 yuan/ton, or 0.52%, to close at 7388 yuan/ton, with 587000 transactions and 306000 positions

the 1601 contract of linear futures fell rapidly after opening sharply higher. After a short consolidation, it began a wide-ranging shock trend and closed out the short physical negative column with upper and lower shadow lines

polypropylene futures 1601 contract fell rapidly after opening sharply higher, rebounded after a short narrow consolidation, and fluctuated widely relying on the intraday average. Take out the short solid anion column with long shadow line and close above this line on the 20th. The 5-day moving average diverges upward, and the 10 day moving average, the 20 day moving average, and the 40 day moving average are flat, indicating that it is more likely to continue to rise in the later period. MACD opens upward, and the red column is obviously enlarged; KDJ continues to rise, but the upward strength fails, indicating that it is more likely to launch a callback in the near future

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