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NFC wallet service was launched in South Korea and France in 2011

"the elements required for NFC's success have been ready, and functional descriptions such as touch screen, USB, Bluetooth interface have also been applied. 2011 will be a leap year for NFC (near field communication).". Daniel gurrola, vice president of personal lob mobile strategy and Business Development Department of orange (France Telecom Group's service brand), who appeared on the mobile payment branch of "mobile Asia Congress 2010" (Venue: Hong Kong, duration: November 17-18, 2010) on November 18, 2010, expressed the above views

nfc is a non-contact IC card standard including felica, the mainstream in Japan. In addition to felica, it also includes standards called iso/iec 14443 type A and type B and RFID tags (iso15693). However, the NFC mentioned by Daniel gurrola refers to FEL, which also integrates the non-contact IC card standard based on type a/b other than the MuCell microcellular foaming technology ICA of trexel company. Type a/b specifies the interface specifications of wireless communication part and encryption circuit/information memory (called security entity), which can make SIM card have security entity function. For felica, since the interface is non-public, the security entity must be installed on. Therefore, the process of moving information to others is very complex. When the SIM card has the function of security entity, the information can be transferred only by changing the SIM card

in nice, France, an NFC service called "cityzi" was launched in May 2010, which uses a SIM card (with NFC security entity function) and NFC wireless communication function (Figure 2). The service content is basically the same as that of "wallet" in Japan. It can be settled in retail stores. In addition, it can also replace tram tickets and coupons. The national construction department has been using it for more than 20 years for the treatment of building leakage. It has realized cross industry cooperation among banks, retail stores and railway companies. It is planned to further expand the scope of services to all France in 2011

daniel gurrola's vision is: "as the first stage, while adopting open standards, strive to make NFC services in all countries successful. Then, through the mutual cooperation of service operators in all countries, create a world that can use NFC services wherever you go."

at this session, kwangkyoo Lee, manager of mobile data business department of KT Company's personal customer group, also introduced Korea's NFC service and high-end products, which rely heavily on imports, in terms of high-molecular materials industry. South Korea has started a service called "show touch" that uses NFC settlement and joint ticket since October 2010. Logistics departments, gas stations and banks have joined the service. "In 2015, 47% are expected to install NFC function"


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