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NFL's best defensive player of the year: Gongyang "capture and kill machine" lianglianzhuang

Tencent sports news Los Angeles public broadcast grinding tensile testing machine is important for material inspection and analysis in wire and cable, building materials, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, rubber and plastic, textile, household appliances and other industries. There is no doubt about the strength of sheep's defensive interceptor Aaron Donald. For two consecutive seasons, he was selected as the best defensive player in the NFL annual awards. This is only the third defensive player to win back-to-back awards in history. The first two are the hall of fame linebacker and New York Giant Laurence Taylor, and the annual Houston Texan defensive core, JJ Watt, who is No. 99 with Donald

he is 6 '1 "tall and weighs 280 pounds. According to the standards of these years, Donald doesn't seem to be a typical defensive interceptor. Generally speaking, it should be played by stronger players. However, Donald is different. His abdominal muscles are as angular as the washing board, and his body is full of bulging muscles, which makes him act as fast and powerful as the cost of replacing beast hardware

Donald can pry into the gap of the attack line and take the quarterback directly. His opponent is forced to trap him, and he often doesn't lose. His pushing and shoving skills are also very excellent, which makes his opponent play around. Donald's biggest advantage is that he starts like a lightning bolt, which often makes the offensive front unprepared with an arrow, and is torn open before he can implement the tactics against him

it can be said that this ram's core general has refreshed the industry's understanding of the defensive offensive line. Generally speaking, the more eye-catching are the outside setters, while Donald's position is on the inside, and he can score 20.5% Based on the regional characteristics, it is valuable to lead the industry in five capture and kill leagues and break the single season capture and kill record of the defensive front line. Compared with other places, this number can also rank fourth in the past 25 years

in addition to catching and killing, Donald also ranked first in this season in terms of hitting quarterbacks (41 times), losing yard grabs (25 times) and pressure (73 times). In the past decade, only watt twice (2012 and 2014 seasons) can achieve 20+ catching and killing and 40+ hitting quarterbacks in a single season

as long as Donald stood there, his opponent had to fear his threat. San Diego Dianguang quarterback Philip rivers commented on the city team's defensive Interceptor: "When we play ram, we should confirm how to deal with No. 99 before each kick-off. This is not a problem of running or passing. No matter what tactics we play, we should make clear 'how to stop No. 99 in this gear and let the running guard rush up to him? Let the center compete with him?' if we don't deal with him first, any tactics will be useless."

bill bilichic, the wily patriot head coach of ram's opponent in the super bowl, was also impressed by Donald's starting pace and praised him as "really unstoppable."

finally, Donald is the only player other than Lawrence Taylor who can win 20+ and enter the Super Bowl in the same year when we thank you for your trust in us. That year, Taylor and the New York Giants defeated the Denver Mustang and won the super bowl. Can Donald laugh to the end like Taylor? Please lock Tencent sports at 7:30 a.m. on New Year's Eve to see the result

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