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Neste oil company selects Metso automation system and valve technology

the process equipment under construction in the refinery of Neste oil company in polvo, Finland, will convert gasoline fractions into more valuable and high-quality gasoline components. The role of automation technology is to ensure accurate control and safety in important processes

the process equipment under construction in the refinery of Neste oil in Finland converts gasoline fractions into more valuable and higher quality gasoline components. The role of automation technology is to ensure accurate control and safety in important processes

nexteel and Metso have reached an agreement on providing automation system and valve technology for refining equipment for the polvo refinery of nexteel, which is under construction. Metso technology will help the company increase the production capacity of high octane gasoline and improve the flexibility of production. The construction of the project began in 2013, and the oil refining equipment will be put into operation in the spring of 2015

"reliable implementation of precise control and ensuring process safety are the most important requirements for automation technology. In this project, we will use Metso automation system, valves and hima safety system to achieve the above goals," said Jani halijoki, project engineer of Nestor oil company

Metso's delivered products include Metso DNA automation system, safety system, connecting device of original system of Nestor oil company, automatic on-off valve and emergency shut-off valve. In addition, Metso will also provide project engineering, installation, commissioning and training

nexteel and Metso have long-term and excellent cooperation in developing high demand special applications to meet the needs of refineries. The United States should also pay attention to the fact that the loading speed Zhuo technology has been used in Nestor oil plants in Finland, Rotterdam and Singapore

technical information

the automation system has a significant impact on the efficiency and work of isomerization equipment. The 4-ball friction tester also has the following expanded functions. Metso vulnerable part 5: sheet metal DNA automation and information system, including monitoring, control of continuous batch process and connection with external system. In addition, Metso DNA system is a seamless integrated security system certified by sil3

Metso DNA is an extensible system, which can be used not only in Small PLC applications, but also in the whole plant. Metso has been supplying automation systems to the oil refining and petrochemical industries for more than 20 years and has accumulated rich experience in this field

most of the automatic on-off valves and emergency shut-off valves delivered by Metso are used for process control. Most valves are x series ball valves equipped with switchguard valve controllers. The latter is very suitable for process control, because the switching time of each valve can be adjusted separately. Using the controller can also reduce the number of instruments used. In addition, remote condition monitoring can also be carried out

Nestor oil company is an oil refining marketing company focusing on the production of low emission and high-quality transportation fuel. The company produces a complete range of major petroleum products and is the world's leading supplier of renewable diesel oil. Nestor oil company had net sales of 17.5 billion euros in 2013 and has about 5000 employees

Metso's automation solutions aim to maximize the profitability of customers' businesses by improving production capacity, reducing costs, saving raw materials and improving energy efficiency. A wide range of fluid control products and process automation solutions, and then clamp the two ends of the sample on the two fixtures of the tensile testing machine. Our solutions and services benefit from the support of our automation experts covering the world. The largest customer industries of automation business are oil and gas, pulp and paper. At the same time, we have also maintained strong growth in mining, construction and power generation

Metso is a leading supplier of process and performance solutions, with customers in mining, construction, oil and natural gas industries. We are committed to continuously developing intelligent solutions to improve sustainability and profitability. Metso has more than 16000 professionals in 50 countries, and its shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX in Helsinki. Our customer commitment: create excellence

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