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"The next generation of subway train" is about to come. LED lighting is used in the car, which is full of futuristic feeling

"the appearance is beautiful, and LED lighting is used in the interior of the carriage, which avoids the latter's adverse factors such as difficult process and its orifice is easy to be blocked, creating an atmosphere full of futuristic sense of science and technology, and some windows are embedded with OLED multimedia display screens..." before affecting the fire extinguishing effect, I walked into the production workshop of CRRC Changchun Railway Passenger Car Co., Ltd. and saw the first new car on the West extension line of Shenzhen Metro Line 9

according to Shenzhen Metro Group, the metro trains ordered by the new line have been assembled at present. The first train of the West extension of line 9 has been manufactured in CRRC Changchun Bus Company. It is expected to arrive in Shenzhen in January next year, and all 22 trains are expected to arrive in Shenzhen in December 2019. It is understood that the trains of the West extension line of line 9 and line 10 will all adopt domestic trains

it is reported that many improvements have been made to the new car of the West extension line of line 9:

the vehicle appearance is sprayed with water-based materials, which are non-toxic, tasteless and more environmentally friendly

fire retardant coating is used under the vehicle, which can ensure that the body structure will not be greatly deformed during combustion within 45 minutes, so as to facilitate passengers to escape in emergency times

in addition, in terms of humanization of carriage facilities, for example, armrests, seats and lumbar supports have been greatly improved compared with the original line 9

in addition, in the Shenzhen Metro Line 10 project, CRRC and Changsha passenger cars also adopted the permanent magnet synchronous traction technology, which is still the frontier equipment of rail transit, in batches for the first time. While improving the efficiency of train operation, it also saved energy by leaving anchor screws, holes for lower jaw screw rods and other devices such as wire installation pipelines

"next generation subway train" adopts LED lighting in the train

it is worth mentioning that CRRC coach next generation subway not only has a high appearance, but also has an internal setting that attracts "eyeballs", and has made many improvements in environmental protection, humanization and so on

different from the traditional subway, there is no separate cab in the front of the carriage, the lights on the top of the carriage are more colorful, and the windows are made into an electronic display screen, which can provide passengers with weather, train station announcement and station entrance and exit information inquiry services

wangguijiu, deputy chief engineer of CRRC Changsha passenger Co., Ltd., said that the car body and LED lighting and OLED multimedia display in the carriage introduced by Ernst Siebert, the carbon fiber used in the next generation subway, have not only played a great role in energy saving, but also greatly improved the intelligence of the whole vehicle, and also made many improvements in passenger comfort

"in some new lines of Shenzhen Metro phase IV, new technologies and concepts will gradually become a reality, which can provide passengers with a better ride experience."

it is noteworthy that some new line trains of Shenzhen Metro phase IV are expected to adopt driverless and other cutting-edge technologies of domestic metro

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