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Introduction to the next generation Optimus Prime Volvo fh16700 heavy truck: Although the external economic situation of Volvo fh16700 heavy truck is not optimistic, Volvo trucks have to reduce production and layoffs, but this has not changed Volvo's dream of building the strongest truck. We have been involved in various innovative projects. At the beginning of 2009, Volvo launched the fh16700, which is known as the world's most powerful mass production truck

Volvo fh16700 heavy truck

although the external economic situation is not optimistic, Volvo trucks have to reduce production and layoffs, but this has not changed Volvo's dream of building the strongest truck. At the beginning of 2009, Volvo launched the fh16700 heavy truck, which is known as the world's most powerful mass production truck, which can output the highest power of 700 horsepower and the amazing maximum torque of 3150 nm; The tough appearance has fascinated many car fans at home and abroad. Some friends even suggested that transformers director Mike Bay should play the next generation Optimus Prime

the toughness of Volvo fh16700 first comes from its powerful engine. If the maximum torque of 3150 nm is not intuitive, we can refer to the torque of 410 nm of the famous off-road vehicle landkuruze 4.7L displacement model to compare the bidding price of some enterprises and even lower than the material price itself; If we think that landkuruze and fh16700 are not usually in the same category, the torque of the famous TGX heavy truck of German Mann company is 2300 nm, which is still 850 nm away from the 3150 nm of fh16700. The strength of the new d16g engine of fh16700 can be seen. The new d16g engine is upgraded from the old D16. It can output 40 HP more than the old model with a maximum power of 660 HP. It is the first time to equip such a powerful engine on a mass-produced model in the world, which can be described as a great initiative of Volvo truck

the maximum power of the new d16g engine is 700 HP

at the same time, the d16g engine with a displacement of 16 liters carried by fh16700 also meets the European No. 5 emission standard effective from October 1, 2009, which means that its nitrogen oxide emissions are reduced by 40% compared with existing products. Compared with simply increasing engine power, it is much more difficult to reduce emissions while increasing power. In order to achieve this goal, the new truck is equipped with a new exhaust gas treatment system with stronger purification capacity. The new system inherits and optimizes the selective catalytic reduction technology. By increasing the system capacity, the system pressure is further reduced, and the power loss is minimized. Compared with the original system, the new system improves the exhaust gas treatment capacity and controls harmful gas emissions more effectively

Volvo fh16700 heavy truck interior

not only that, Volvo has made a major breakthrough in power, but also excellent in vehicle fuel economy. Through the redesign of the piston system, Volvo truck experts optimized the combustion program, which improved fuel efficiency and extended the service life of components while increasing power output. In addition, the new engine is also equipped with a new oil temperature controller, which further improves the fuel saving performance of the vehicle

in the three years since Volvo engineers began to accept the research and development of fh16700 heavy truck in 2006, in the face of many technical problems such as how to improve fuel efficiency, reduce NOx emissions, and strengthen the exhaust gas treatment system, the proportion of days with good air quality in Volvo cars has reached 70%. The experts of Volvo cars have developed, tested and evaluated a variety of solutions, and constantly sought the best solutions. From the concept car to the prototype car, from the trailer test in the desert of Australia, the driving test in the cold regions of Norway, to the mountain test at an altitude of 3600 meters, the project team has conducted a lot of analysis and field tests

Volvo fh16700 heavy truck

today's results are exciting. Volvo fh16700 excellently adapts to various extreme driving environments and perfectly completes extremely arduous transportation tasks. It has not only become the most powerful truck in the world, but also meets the European V emission standard while maintaining fuel efficiency competitiveness. It is believed that with Volvo truck vigorously promoting FH and FM series heavy trucks in China, the day when we will enjoy the style of fh16700 on the road in China will not be far away. However, what makes us curious is that according to the usage habits of some users in China, how many tons of the powerful FH16 700 is considered overloaded

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