The hottest next year, the Nb touch panel market,

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Next year, OGS touch will remain the mainstream in NB touch panel market. Qiu Yubin, an analyst at WitsView, a market research institution, pointed out that although some brands have imported thin-film touch technology into Nb, it is expected that the Nb touch panel market may still be dominated by OGS single glass touch technology in the next (2014), including the integrated touch solution launched by TFT-LCD LCD panel manufacturers, with a market share of 85%. As for the thin-film touch panel, it is also expected to account for 15% of the touch laptop market

although the development of touch notebook NB has been slower than expected since this year, it is generally expected that with the continuous decline in the price of touch modules, the shipment penetration rate of touch notebook products is expected to increase next year

on the other hand, Qiu Yubin assessed that due to the fierce competition and continuous decline in product prices in addition to Evonik (touch panel industry), it is expected that the layout of the touch panel industry in 2014 may continue to be reshuffled, and more less competitive manufacturers will soon abandon and withdraw (for example, Mu Dong has announced the sale of factories this year, and other manufacturers may fade out of the industry in different ways in the future), which also deserves continuous attention

in the notebook touch panel market, Qiu Yubin stressed that the competition situation in 2014 may be more complex than that in 2013. The main reason is that in 2013, only AU Optronics, a large TFT-LCD panel manufacturer, actively promoted integrated products, thus achieving a high market share. However, it is reported that other panel manufacturers have planned to follow up and launch similar integrated products, including lgdisplay, BOE, and qunchuang. Based on brand manufacturers' preference for diversified procurement, it is expected that the competition in NB touch panel market will be more severe next year

as for the emerging touch conductive material technology, including the nano silver touch panel actively invested by the big touch panel manufacturer f-tpk CHENHONG, and the metal lattice metalmesh touch panel promoted by China's oufiguang (as well as Taiwan Yanghua, interface), how many orders can be obtained in the touch panel Market in 2014, we should also observe its yield, cost, and customer wishes

among them, metalmesh may temporarily be 1 The development progress of sample size is an observation index. Because the metal wood structure experimental method standard gb/t50329 ⑵ 002mesh conductive material of orfig is independently developed, and the customer structure is also extensive. Because the key material technology of nano silver is controlled by C, but the water absorption is large ambrios, it is difficult to determine whether it will limit the cost and order elasticity of f-tpk CHENHONG's subsequent development of nano silver touch panel products

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