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Nezha automobile Nanning brand experience center opened Nezha N01 limited quantity Juhui Guangxi users

(August 25, 2020, Nanning, China) on August 25, Nezha automobile brand experience center officially opened in Nanning. As a real estate brand in Nanning, Nezha N01, its main model, has provided special subsidies to Guangxi consumers since the day Nezha automobile announced its opening. After the original price of 62800 yuan subsidy, only 52000 yuan is needed, with a limit of 520 sets. Leaders of Nanning municipal government and relevant commissions and offices attended the opening activities and jointly launched the Nezha automobile experience center. At the opening ceremony, Nezha automobile signed vehicle cooperation agreements with customers such as Nanfang electric Guangxi electric vehicle company, and delivered vehicles to private users at the same time

the head enterprise settled in Nanning

Nezha automobile is the only enterprise with dual qualifications and dual factories among China's new energy start-up enterprises. Last year, the sales volume of Nezha automobile exceeded 10000 with a single model N01. Since the beginning of this year, despite the overall decline of the car market and the impact of the COVID-19, Nezha automobile has generally improved in product research and development, channel construction, market promotion and other aspects. The a+ grade pure electric SUV "Nezha U" was successfully launched in March. At present, 12 Direct stores have been opened in 10 cities, and the national sales channels have exceeded 200. In January this year, Nezha's cumulative sales exceeded 6018 units, with a year-on-year increase of 15%, ranking in the forefront of China's new energy vehicle consumer satisfaction survey for two consecutive years. Recently, Nezha automobile officially launched the listing of the science and innovation board, and the Nanning real estate brand Nezha V may also be listed in the third quarter. From the perspective of overall strength, Nezha automobile has established its position as the leading enterprise in China's new energy start-up enterprises. The industry calls Nezha automobile, together with Weilai, Xiaopeng, ideal and other brands, the "Four Dragons of China" of new energy vehicles. The introduction of Nezha automobile brand in Nanning will open the prelude to the development of Nanning's new energy automobile industry and create a new growth pole for Nanning's strategy of strengthening the capital

Nezha V is about to be launched

the experience center is extremely comfortable

Nanning Nezha automobile experience center is located at No. 57 Keyuan Avenue, XiXiangTang District, Nanning. It is a sign that Nezha automobile is based in the southwest region, and it is also a one-stop commercial marketing center for brand communication and service experience. Unlike traditional 4S stores, the experience center brings convenient information acquisition and purchase experience to consumers through the new retail mode of online customer acquisition and offline service, which is no longer limited to the scope of "store", but a multidimensional integration of space, circle and community. The experience center, which covers an area of nearly 3700 square meters, is decorated with large-area glass and azure curtain walls, creating an artistic conception of the combination of nature and technology. In the spatial planning, Jinan Shijin micro Vickers hardness tester features test drive, model display, cultural publicity, after-sales service, community communication and other areas are set up, so that users can immerse themselves in the connected smart car service ecosystem

Nanning Nezha automobile experience center

there are large orders entered into the account at the beginning of its arrival

it can always pay attention to the earliest wood plastic technology trends at home and abroad and 1 flow into the fruit industry. At the ceremony, Nezha automobile signed a package of cooperation agreements and vehicle purchase agreements with Nanfang electric vehicle company, Guangxi Green Shield cloud company and Guangxi Dahai technology company. Although the specific number was not disclosed, the person in charge said that at the beginning, it was more than 100. At the same time, the private users of Nezha automobile also got their own vehicles at this event

outdoor exhibition car array

on site contract

5200 yuan only

Nezha makes trouble in the sea, and Nezha cars make trouble in Guangxi. In order to give back to car consumers in Guangxi, Nezha automobile launched the "520 love action" at the opening event. The action is mainly aimed at the Nezha N01 medium range (380km) version. The manufacturer provided 10800 yuan of "special subsidy for heart purchase". The original price of 62800 yuan was only 52000 yuan. At the same time, users of 2-seat pure electric vehicles can also enjoy a replacement subsidy of 2000 yuan and a Chinese Valentine's Day gift bag worth 1770 yuan provided by Guangxi zhongheda dealers. This activity is limited to car buyers in Guangxi Autonomous Region, and 520 units will be sold out. Nezha N01 youth version is positioned as a new national fashion boutique pure electric SUV, with two power versions of "medium endurance (380km)" and "high endurance (430km)" and seven models. On the original basis, the important function of the pressure vessel fatigue testing machine of Jinan new era Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is to carry out pressure pulse impact on the gas cylinder, including 27 function upgrades such as shape design, endurance mileage, intelligent technology, safety, driving performance and configuration. It has longer endurance, larger space, higher cost performance and more energy-saving intelligence. It consumes 11kw · h per hundred kilometers, about 3 cents per kilometer, and has 2400l of super large interior space and 279l of super large luggage space. At the same time, it is also equipped with many chaoku technologies, which are the only full range of standard equipment in the same level, covering the remote control of h-cloud cloud vehicles, supporting OTA iterative upgrading, with AI intelligent voice interaction and navigation, 10.1-inch super large display and 7-inch full LCD instruments, etc., making driving experience intelligent and convenient

520 preferential activities

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