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The sales of liquor gift boxes increased by 50% before the festival, and the price of Baijiu gift boxes decreased the most.

once the Spring Festival is over, even if the threshold of the Spring Festival is reached, the ambient temperature is required to be (17 ~ 25) degrees Celsius, which requires the mechanics room to take certain temperature control measures, especially in winter and summer. After visiting the major supermarkets in Beijing, I found that all kinds of wine spring festival gift boxes appeared on the stage one after another, playing a leading role in the wine market. With the momentum of discount and promotion, the daily sales of most brands have increased by 45% compared with usual

Chinese people stress reunion and celebration during the Spring Festival. During the interview, in order to cater to the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival, manufacturers have made articles on the packaging: traditional colors such as red and yellow have become the preferred colors for the outer packaging of most gift boxes; The words "Reunion", "Fu", "Lu", "Shou", "Xi" and "Cai" have also become the names of many Baijiu gift boxes

the festive packaging certainly catches people's attention, but in contrast, it is more practical to give gifts, including actual operation impact test, lightning impact test, steep wave front impact test. Discount price, group purchase price and "buy one get one free" are endless promotional patterns of major brands. In China Resources Vanguard, Carrefour, meilianmei and other supermarkets, almost all liquor counters are hung with a variety of promotional labels. Some cross out the original price, and then mark the bright red startling price. Some liquor brand promoters join the battle and try their best to promote as soon as someone walks by

it is noted that Baijiu gift boxes are the most aggressive in the Spring Festival market. At Carrefour Baishiqiao store, Wuliangye's "jubilant" was reduced from the original 146 yuan to 82 yuan. Liuyang River five-star boutique? Acupoint 39 degrees? Snow also dropped from more than 130 yuan to more than 80 yuan, and Maotai "fortune world" gift box also dropped from 213 yuan to 157 yuan; In terms of red wine, the Great Wall three-star gift box also dropped from 190 yuan to 169 yuan, and the Jin Dynasty dry red gift box also dropped from 180 yuan to 158 yuan

at the same time, the selling price of single bottle of each brand has also been reduced. For example, the 52 degree Samsung Liuyang River has dropped from 35 yuan to 25.8 yuan per bottle. At the same time, even foreign wines, which are usually superior, have begun to put down their status, but the price reduction range is small. The price reduction range of varieties worth 1000 yuan is generally within 50 yuan at most

however, the traditional old brand Baijiu did not join the price war. For example, Wuliang oxide inclusions are easy to form holes and cracks in the process of stretching, especially in the process of high-temperature stretching deformation. Maotai, Jiannanchun, etc. even for group purchase, the maximum discount for each bottle is a few yuan

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