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The sales volume of German Beifu Automation Co., Ltd. exceeded 500million euros, an increase of 17% over the previous year.

[april 8, 2015, Germany] in fiscal year 2014, German Beifu achieved remarkable performance, with global sales reaching 510million euros, an increase of 17% over the previous year. The improvement of the company's sales performance is inseparable from the continuous development of the global market and the new projects and customers won by Beckhoff's PC based control technology. Along with the increase in sales, the number of employees worldwide also increased by 12% to 2800. Beifu is optimistic about this fiscal year and expects sales to continue to achieve another double-digit growth

Mr. Hans Beckhoff, President of Beifu company, is very satisfied with this result: reviewing the development of the company in the last financial year, 2014 can be said to be a year of great success for Beckhoff. We are pleased to see that this growth model has been extended to all regions and market segments. Branches on all continents have made contributions through their latest applications in various fields: from industrial engineering, energy power generation to building automation and entertainment

in 2014, overseas sales accounted for 62% of the company's total sales; Among them, Europe accounted for 29% (excluding Germany), Asia 22%, North America 10%, and 1% came from biff's branches and offices in other countries around the world. In all regions of the world, the aesthetic feeling, comfort, noise reduction and shock absorption performance of automotive interior parts have become more and more important, especially in Asia, especially in China (sales increased by 38%). We are glad to see that other regions have also achieved steady growth. For example, in southern Europe, Spain (+10%) and Italy (+19%) have achieved huge growth. Hans Beckhoff explained

pc control technology has won new projects in the world

from 2000 to 2014, the average annual growth rate of Beifu's sales was 16%. This remarkable achievement is attributed to our cutting-edge technology, which enables us to build a good reputation around the world. The high-performance technology platform composed of PC based automation software, industrial PC, distributed i/o components and driver products can be widely used in many applications

hans Beckhoff explained in detail the growth of the company's market share in various industries. Our product innovation has also contributed to our sustained growth. For example, with the launch of our most advanced XTS drive system and other new product series, we have also won many new customers around the world. The president added

in terms of technology, Beifu's customers can use PC based control system for perfect positioning. This is also true for the implementation of the industry 4.0 concept. We have been increasing our investment in R & D, which is the driving force for the development of automation technology, and this is also the reason why we can provide our customers with a technological opportunity. This is largely due to various innovations, such as the multi-core control concept launched by the c6670 multi-core industrial PC

now, through this high-end platform, we can put the most powerful control system into the market. Hans Beckhoff emphasized. And went on to say: with the introduction of the 36 core processor model with a system memory size of 2 TB, now we can provide our customers with a performance level that meets the industry standard in 2020

technology is only one aspect of our company. On the other hand, we have accumulated 35 years of rich industry experience, trust and stable corporate culture in the automation field driven by imported motor-driven high-precision ball screw. All these elements are the basis for our sustainable development. Mr Beckhoff said

consolidation and expansion of global sales channels

biff will continue to expand its global sales network. In 2014, Biff set up branches in the Czech Republic, and successively set up representative offices in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Indonesia. In 2015, Biff will mainly invest in consolidating its existing sales network. Our sales network has covered more than 70 countries, including 34 branches, distributors and partners. This year, our focus will continue to be on improving the coverage of our existing sales network. This includes the creation of additional regional offices in all countries. We are particularly pleased to have set up a large office in Silicon Valley this year. Not only is California in urgent need of German automation technology, we also want to benefit from the essence and speed of Technological Development in the region. Mr Beckhoff said so

employee training

biff currently has 2800 employees worldwide; There are 2000 employees working in Germany, of which 1800 are working in the company's Weill headquarters. Among them, the trained engineers account for almost one third. In 2015, we will continue to increase investment in R & D, with a total investment of 40million euros. Hans Beckhoff emphasized. As a technology driven company, its success is based on the continuous provision of innovative solutions for its customers and the fact that such new 3D printing composite materials have received orders from machinery manufacturing and 3D printing enterprises in Beijing and Shanghai. Therefore, we have very high requirements for the technical proficiency of engineers. We are always glad to see that the company has injected more and more fresh blood

part of the current industrial 4.0 research project it owl cutting-edge cluster project also contributes to the development of the company. The development of cutting-edge clusters has been very successful. This association, located in East Westphalia, is located between enterprises, universities and science and technology R & D centers. Although it was just established in 2011, it is considered a pioneer of industry 4.0 in Germany and even Europe. Mr. Beckhoff pointed out

the training of young talents is an indispensable part of the corporate mission that Beifu has been pursuing. At present, the company has 90 young professionals practicing in seven positions. In addition, 90 students were trained in the field of Mechatronics/automation and industrial engineering in the justrow branch of Billy field University of applied technology. The first two groups of students have graduated and now work in different departments of the company. This is a very successful project for young engineers and biff. We will continue this project and provide support for the University's branch in justrow. Hans meets the product application requirements, Beckhoff said

about biff Germany

biff Automation Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Weill, Germany. With branches all over the world and global partners, the company now has business in more than 70 countries and regions

Bifu always takes the new PC based automation technology as the company's development concept. The industrial PC, fieldbus module, drive products and TwinCAT automation software produced by Bifu constitute a complete and mutually compatible control system, which can provide open automation systems and complete solutions for various industrial control fields. Over the past 30 years, Beifu's components and system solutions have been widely used all over the world

since the establishment of China's first representative office in Beijing in March2001, in may2007, Beifu Germany established a wholly-owned company in Shanghai and moved its headquarters in China to Shanghai. Since then, the company's business has entered a period of rapid development. At present, Beifu has set up offices in 22 large and medium-sized cities in China, such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Nanjing, etc. As various new products and technologies with good cost performance continue to enter the Chinese market, its idea of daring to break the traditional control mode and vigorously promoting the new PC control technology has been accepted by more and more Chinese users. For more information, please visit the official Beckhoff Chinese website

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