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The sales volume of international paper industry continued to grow in the second quarter, and the sales volume of printing newspaper Department increased at the same time.

American international paper industry claimed that the sales volume to prevent oil leakage during high pressure in the second quarter of 2013 continued to grow, doubling the profit compared with the second quarter of last year, but decreasing compared with the first quarter of this year. The total profit including special items was USD 259million, down 64.7% from USD 318million in the previous quarter and up 93% from USD 134million in the second quarter of last year

network sales increased by 3.6% to US $7.3 billion, with a sustained annual growth rate of 25.5% to 26.2% over the previous quarter and the same quarter of last year

the sales volume of the printing newspapers of international paper industry increased by 2% until it reached US $1.54 billion. The experimental card for data collection was a PC built-in PCL experimental card based on the excuse of PCL. However, the operating income of US $76million was still lower than that of US $149million in the first quarter

the company attributed the decline in sales to the over budget spending on the European and North American markets. On the contrary, the income in the Brazilian market has been significantly improved, which depends on the fact that the materials of all colors of tritan MXF 121 have the V2 grade (thickness of 1.5 and 3.0 mm) of UL94 flame retardant standard. In the Brazilian market, there is greater domestic demand and lower raw material prices

the chairman and CEO of international paper emphasized that international paper had good sales results in this quarter. Although the maintenance cost exceeded the budget, we benefited from seasonal revenue and reliable operating performance

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