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The sales of nasal preparations are rising, and the preparation equipment market will meet the development opportunity

allergic rhinitis is one of the main chronic inflammatory diseases of respiratory tract in China, and the prevalence rate is increasing year by year. Data show that about 150million Chinese adults are suffering from rhinitis, and according to market research, more than 6million of them have severe allergic rhinitis

according to the industry, with the impact of environmental pollution and life pressure, there will be more and more patients with allergic rhinitis, the drug sales of nasal preparations will also rise further, and there will be more and more market opportunities for relevant preparation equipment

there are many common preparation equipment, such as pharmaceutical filling equipment, granule equipment, tablet equipment, capsule equipment, pill equipment, injection equipment, etc. The author has learned that in recent years, more and more preparation equipment enterprises have developed new equipment products in combination with market demand to accelerate the speed of occupying market share

in addition, many pharmaceutical equipment enterprises also focus on the international market, accelerate the pace of R & D and innovation, and strive to improve equipment support for China's pharmaceutical export. For example, some pharmaceutical equipment enterprises are aiming at the field of solid preparation equipment to provide pharmaceutical enterprises with solutions for the whole plant

"in the future, we will further cut into solid preparation equipment, powder drug equipment and other fields." The person in charge of the enterprise said that today, the scale of the nasal preparation market is expanding to the highest level in the past three years. "We also have many equipment products applied to the nasal preparation market. We also know that quality, technology, innovation and service are the key to further opening the market. Therefore, we will also increase research and development efforts to provide more nasal preparation enterprises with sophisticated preparation equipment."

although the market prospect of many pharmaceutical preparations is promising, analysts point out that Aerospace will be the largest user of intelligent composite materials, and the technology of preparation equipment in China is still relatively backward. Compared with the advanced level in foreign countries, the preparation equipment in China still has different degrees of differences in terms of self-control level, variety and specification, stability, reliability, and standards

for example, the technology of mixing, granulating and drying in solid preparations is superior to that of China. It is understood that the high-efficiency high-speed mixing granulator developed in Germany, one-step granulation closed production and multi-functional technical performance are superior

"for example, in the tablet automatic production line, as long as the operator uses air conveying to add the raw and auxiliary particles into the hopper and manage the tablet pressing operation, the rest can be completed through a management computer and control panel in the control room." Technicians said that, therefore, China still has a lot of room for improvement in the preparation equipment technology

in addition, pharmaceutical equipment enterprises should also pay attention to the process of equipment. Such as high-efficiency wet granulator. The equipment personnel pointed out that the internal smoothness of the high-efficiency wet granulator is very important. "The better the finish and the higher the flatness, the less materials will adhere due to surface problems. For some low-dose APIs, the micro powder is sticky and easy to adhere to the container. As a result, the export growth of China's extruder products will show a stable and progressive situation, resulting in process problems."

another example is the fluidized bed granulator. In order to avoid drug pollution, the hot air that enters the system for fluidization and drying must be heated and filtered through medium efficiency and sub high efficiency filters, and dehumidification, cleaning and other work must be carried out if necessary

at present, the varieties of nasal preparations in the domestic market are gradually increasing. Many preparation equipment enterprises are developing and producing new preparation equipment according to the market demand and a variety of dosage forms that cannot reach the minimum locking force

in order to promote the expansion of China's pharmaceutical products to a more standardized and pharmaceutical market, pharmaceutical equipment enterprises need to carry out technological innovation, actively promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry, and develop to a multi-functional, continuous and automated level

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