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How does football lighting adapt to the rapid development of football

on the evening of August 28, Tianjin Quanjian lost away to Kajima antlers in the first round of the quarter finals. Kajima antlers formed obvious advantages in ball control rate and active attack. In the 60th minute, Leo Silva shot in the restricted area for Kajima antlers; In the 72nd minute, Serginho's wonderful long-range shot expanded the score. The second round of competition between the two sides will be the standard system repair 10 The number shows that the heavy hammer impact height order project was carried out in Tianjin on September 18

in recent years, with the arrival of high-level foreign aid such as Paulinho, taliska, hulk and vitsell, the Chinese Super League team has become a force that cannot be ignored in the Asian Champions League. However, in this year's Asian championship, the CSL team began to decline. It was eliminated by Kajima antlers and Quan Jian. Now the only seedling of CSL, Quan Jian, has also half stepped into the cliff, and the CSL team is facing total annihilation

for this sport, professional football field lighting is indispensable

for football stadiums under construction and renovation, the planning should be more comprehensive. At present, the research and development of color changing materials tends to be diversified and scientific, and the design should be more reasonable. In terms of functions, it is first necessary to meet the requirements of football sports and football events. In particular, the development of China Super League and China Super League is catching up with the world, and the requirements for football stadiums are more stringent in the "China Cup" and other major international events

the functional requirements of football lighting are very high, especially in football fields with TV broadcasting. In addition to good lighting products, reasonable Packway settings and high-level lighting design, high illumination, high uniformity and high color rendering of light sources in football fields are required, followed by high power consumption

a large number of measured investigations show that the unreasonable design of the catwalk location, that is, the installation height of lamps, not only directly affects various lighting technical indicators, but also causes a large waste of electric energy

aiming at the lighting design of the football field, the professional service of the big dipper and the specific description of Jinan testing machine ensure the lighting quality of the football field. Huaxia Beidou star has extensive resources, analyzes the actual needs of customers, and uses mature technology to solve the problems of venue lighting. China Big Dipper provides high-quality products to ensure the lighting effect of the stadium. China big dipper can provide good lighting solutions for each different football stadium

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