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Thinking about the implementation method of PDM system

1 introduction

no rules, no circumference. PDM (Product Data Management) system is an advanced and complex product data management system. It is difficult to succeed without a good methodology to guide in the implementation process

this paper analyzes and considers the successful experience and methodology of the implementation of PDM system in AVIC Shenyang engine design and Research Institute

2 main influencing factors of PDM system implementation

now, enterprises and PDM software suppliers using PDM system have realized the importance of implementation. People often say that "three points of software, seven points of implementation, twelve points of data". This sentence is not too much. It is of great practical significance to analyze the factors that may lead to application failure or dissatisfaction in implementation, and put forward a set of effective implementation methods. Therefore, the implementation layer is listed in the top layer of PDM system application architecture

in order to understand and implement the advanced management ideas and concepts of PDM system in the implementation process, we must analyze the characteristics of the product structure and production mode of the enterprise. Clarify the wishes and needs of the enterprise (including current needs and possible future needs). At the same time, we should confirm what can be achieved at present, what cannot be achieved at present, and what is not feasible, and we should also persuade the enterprise management to improve the backward management mode and system. Therefore, it is far from enough to rely on the enterprise's own technology and bamboo management personnel to correctly configure and use the PDM system. Software suppliers must send capable implementation personnel to provide strong technical services and mobilize all available resources of suppliers to support the implementation work, so that PDM system can become a practical, advanced and scientific information system in enterprises

in the implementation process, the following factors directly affect the implementation effect of PDM system

2.1 enterprise factors

(1) the leaders do not pay attention to it and cannot adjust the contradiction between the design task and the implementation of the PDM system platform. On the one hand, compared with domestic instruments and foreign advanced instruments of the same type

(2) the person in charge of the project is a person without engineering experience, so it is difficult to communicate

(3) eager for quick success and instant benefits, insufficient preparation for the implementation of PDM system

(4) the expectation of PDM system is too high and the demand is unrealistic

(5) lack of trust in the implementer when encountering problems in the implementation process

2.2 software supplier factor

(1) there is a deviation in the understanding of user needs, resulting in unnecessary rework

(2) the ability of the project leader to control the project quality and change is insufficient

(3) the implementation consultant has insufficient experience

the above factors affecting the implementation of PDM system are the problem of poor communication between users and software suppliers, and good communication is an important condition for the successful implementation of PDM system, which puts forward higher requirements for the communication ability of the project leader, the ability to grasp the needs and control the project process

3 the successful experience of PDM system implementation of the research institute

3.1 win the support of enterprise decision makers

in the PDM system implementation project, it involves the reorganization of the development team, the integration of product information, the standardization of processes and other aspects of management issues, and the transformation or reorganization of the enterprise's inherent production mechanism and management mode is not within the capabilities of technicians, so we can only win the strong support of the decision-making level, Only by combining the implementation of PDM system with the reorganization, restructuring and reform of enterprises can we avoid detours. The promotion of PDM system can achieve rapid results only with the direct intervention of the "top leaders"

3.2 clarify the positioning and implementation objectives of PDM system

for an enterprise, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the actual situation of the enterprise, the current problems that need to be solved and the development strategy of the next few years, and determine the practical objectives. Neither set the goal too high or expect too much of the PDM system, nor regard the PDM system as a pure "product data management system"

with the help of consultants, software suppliers can comprehensively analyze the hardware platform, network environment, database application, software application, etc. according to the application requirements of PDM system of enterprises and the characteristics of their products, and determine the scope of implementation: determine whether to adopt cross enterprise and cross region super large PDM system, enterprise level PDM system, department level and working group level PDM system

3.3 formulate practical implementation strategies

implementation strategies should follow the principle of overall planning and step-by-step implementation. From the perspective of software functions, most PDM software on the market at present has many functions, such as document management, workflow and process management, product structure and configuration management, view and annotation, design retrieval and parts library, project management, electronic collaboration, tools and "integrated parts". However, it is difficult to implement all the above functions at one time. The better way is to start with some applications, such as: first, apply electronic document management, design retrieval and parts library, scanning and image services, product structure and configuration management, etc; Then, tools and "integrated parts" are introduced; Finally, implement approval, workflow and project management

from the perspective of enterprise application, it needs a step-by-step process to transform the original working mode into PDM system management within the enterprise; At the same time, enterprise designers also need a process to change their original working habits. If the planning is not good, it may affect the normal product development activities due to the implementation of PDM, and eventually lead to the failure of system implementation

from the perspective of enterprise investment, at the initial stage of system application, only a part of people can participate in the use. After the system application is stable and users are familiar with the system, it can be gradually extended to more users and a wider range of management. If a large number of user licenses are purchased at one time, it will cause a waste of resources, that is, a waste of funds. Once the project fails, the loss will be even greater

3.4 select partners with strong technical force and rich experience

after users purchase CAD software, users can start using it as long as necessary training is carried out. However, the use of PDM system is different. It must be implemented by a team composed of product designers, standardization personnel, it personnel, enterprise leaders and partners (implementation consultants). This is because although PDM software provides many functions, it usually needs to do a lot of analysis work according to the specific situation of the enterprise to be applied to various large-scale buildings. Choosing a partner with strong technical force has a great impact on the successful application of PDM system. Before the introduction of PDM system, the enterprise lacked professionals with PDM system implementation experience and secondary development ability. Only with the assistance or help of partners, combined with the specific situation of the enterprise, can the PDM system really play its role by finding problems in practice, jointly developing and improving

3.5 pay attention to the standardization of product data and process

standardization, standardization and serialization are the premise and foundation of modern industrial production. Standards first, business restructuring, process reengineering, PDM is not only an it problem, but also an enterprise management problem. The exchange of various data is inseparable from standardization. The implementation of PDM system is actually to realize the integrity and standardization of enterprise product information and achieve the scientization of management system. Therefore, standardization is a very important content in the implementation of PDM system project

<(6) the viscosity of oil used in metal impact testing machine is too low p>3.5.1 extraction of product standardization "gene"

making full use of the standardization "gene" of products is the most effective means to improve the efficiency of product design at present. Through PDM system, these standardized genes such as standard parts, general parts and typical structures can be managed in a unified way to realize rapid search. However, how to extract and organize a standardized "gene" library suitable for the current situation of enterprises requires a lot of energy, including sorting out enterprise standards, collecting the electronic documents of these "gene" models and drawings, etc; At the same time, these works often require the cooperation of the whole product design department, and in some cases, the participation of the manufacturing department

3.5.2 unified and standardized workflow

pdm system can support concurrent engineering and workflow management, but to be realized technically, it must be supported by a scientific workflow. Because the transmission, sharing and approval of all information in product development are linked with workflow, if the workflow is flexible, the control ability of PDM system to the product development process will be very weak, which will not only fail to ensure the product development cycle and control the design quality, but also hinder the transmission and sharing of information. Therefore, the implementation of PDM system must attach great importance to the standardization and standardization of processes

3.6 pay attention to training

3.6.1 training PDM system users

most users of PDM system are product developers, whose main task is to develop products. The quality and quality of developed products are the main indicators to measure their performance. Therefore, employees in the enterprise will not actively invest a lot of energy in understanding or thoroughly understanding the training. If the PDM Project cannot make progress in the short term, users may forget the basic operation after a period of time. In addition, most experienced but older designers are usually unfamiliar with computers. Therefore, the PDM system users in the training enterprises should have enough patience and carry out it repeatedly

3.6.2 training enterprise leaders

pdm is not only a technology, but also a management idea. If the leaders of the enterprise or project team do not have a comprehensive understanding of the PDM system, the promotion of the PDM system will be very difficult. Therefore, all relevant managers in the enterprise must be trained step by step

3.6.3 training system administrators

with the deep application of PDM system and the development of enterprises, the demand for PDM system is also changing. Enterprises are required to allocate full-time personnel to carry out daily maintenance of PDM system. Therefore, the training of system administrators is particularly important. The system administrator should not only be able to ensure the normal operation of the system, data backup, disaster recovery, but also be able to simply modify the system, such as naming rules, display rules, process definitions, permission changes, etc. if the system administrator master some secondary development technologies, it can reduce the dependence of enterprises on software suppliers

4 main process of PDM system implementation in the research institute

the PDM system project of AVIC Shenyang engine design and Research Institute has mainly experienced three stages: project planning, project construction and project operation and maintenance

4.1 project planning

4.1.1 gap and demand analysis

in order to further deepen the application of PDM system and 3D product design, AVIC Shenyang engine design and Research Institute organized a comprehensive application evaluation before the implementation of the project, which laid a solid foundation for determining the overall development goal of PDM system and the implementation goal of the current project

4.1.2 overall objective and current implementation objective overall objective

the overall construction objective of the three-dimensional digital product definition research and development platform of AVIC Shenyang engine design and Research Institute is to promote the life-cycle management of aircraft engines on the basis of improving and deeply applying the existing digital design means and product data management system. That is, under the single source product data management mode, taking the engine product as the object, complete the three-dimensional digital design and definition of the engine, and implement the digital workflow and technical state control in the whole life cycle

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