How to achieve safe and clean egg spraying

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How to achieve safe and clean egg spraying

the national standard for pollution-free eggs will be issued soon, and the egg production enterprises will be forced to implement the system of entry and exit. The eggs that have been verified to be qualified will need to be sprayed with an "ID card", indicating the production place, date and other information in the next 5 to 10 years. But the requirements of egg inkjet printer are relatively high. First, the inks used must be food grade safe and non-toxic inks; Second, the inkjet printer should adapt to the relatively high-speed production line; In addition, it should have high reliability and applicability. The 9096s small character inkjet printer for food of Marken company of the United States is a model that is very consistent with egg safety inkjet:

first of all, the 9096s small character inkjet printer for food uses edible solid inks as small as ordinary household inks produced under GMP standards and certified by FDA of the United States. The main components of the inks are directly edible carotene, orange ink, and "developed by jitaian new materials company of Shougang; The ball point pen head is made of ultra free cutting stainless steel materials rdquo; He introduced to you that through the identification of the expert group composed of China pen making Association, China Steel Research Group and Beijing metal society, only the color is bright, and it can print Chinese and beautiful patterns. This one touch dry solid ink is solid at room temperature, melts when printing, and solidifies as soon as it touches the surface of the egg. There will be no stain spray and leakage, which will affect the quality and qualification rate of the coding, and keep the whole workshop clean. More importantly, the hot-melt solid ink does not contain any solvents and has no peculiar smell. There is no need to worry about new pollution caused by harmful chemical solvents or chemical smelling inks

secondly, the 9096s small character inkjet printer for food can cooperate with a high-speed production line, and is suitable for inkjet printing on a production line up to 208 meters/minute, with a maximum of 8 lines

in addition, Marken company, as the world leader in the world marking industry, is famous for its stability and reliability. The 9096s solid ink inkjet technology, which melts the ink when heated, greatly reduces the cleaning and maintenance downtime caused by the ink blocking the nozzle, ensures the maximum production efficiency, and provides the best solution for safe and clean egg inkjet

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