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Development status and future direction of level measuring instruments

level measuring instruments are industrial automation instruments for measuring the liquid level and loading height of liquid and powder granular materials, which are widely used in industry. What is the current trend of China's level instrument market? What are the different development status of different types of level instruments

level switch is mainly divided into liquid level switch and material level switch. In the liquid level switch market, floating ball liquid level switches still occupy an active position, followed by tuning fork and capacitive liquid level switches. With the new demands of enterprises for the convenience, simple installation and reliability of level switches, the market of RF admittance (capacitive) and ultrasonic level switches continues to grow. At the same time, after the cost of ultrasonic level switch decreases, it will also usher in high growth in the market

The valuation is as high as 1.9 billion yuan

the level switch market is currently dominated by the anti rotation type, followed by the tuning fork type and capacitive level switch market. However, due to the disadvantages of low reliability, the prospect of the resistive rotary level switch may not be optimistic in the future development. On the contrary, RF admittance level switch may have a good development prospect with its own advantages. In addition, in the liquid level detection of various tower kettle tanks, the level measuring instrument is mainly the liquid level transmission. Pressure and Drucker differential pressure transmitters dominate this market field, followed by magnetic float type, pontoon type, liquid level variable material testing machines, including: metal material testing machine, non-metallic material testing machine, process testing machine, force (torque) measuring machine, balancing machine, vibrating table, nondestructive testing instruments, functional accessories of the testing machine, and experimental equipment and instruments related to the specialty of the testing machine. Ultrasonic liquid level gauge of velocimeter. However, with the progress of technology and the new demand of the market, the market share of pressure (differential pressure) ultrasonic liquid level gauge may decline in the future, while the magnetostrictive, ultrasonic and RF admittance ultrasonic liquid level gauge market may usher in high-speed increase, and the replacement of fixture is more troublesome

static pressure ultrasonic level gauge is widely used in tank farm tank level detection, but the effect and cost performance are not the best. In this field, radar ultrasonic liquid level gauge is favored by the market with high precision, high reliability and convenient operation, and has a good development momentum in the future. In addition, magnetostrictive ultrasonic level gauge and optical fiber ultrasonic level gauge will also have a certain development in the field of tank farm and occupy a certain market share

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