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Development status and Countermeasures of China's winding packaging industry

winding packaging development history

over the past 20 years, China's modern packaging industry, especially the winding packaging industry, has made remarkable achievements

the winding packaging industry, which started in the late 1980s and developed rapidly in the late 1990s, is a "rising star of transportation packaging" developed under the leadership and support of the state. In 1984, when listening to the report of the national packaging improvement leading group and its office, the leading comrades of the State Council clearly pointed out that China's annual losses caused by poor packaging were nearly 14billion. 80% of them are caused by improper transportation and packaging, which is more than the fiscal revenue handed over by Shanghai in one year (that year). The national packaging improvement office was instructed to take measures to solve this problem

development status of winding packaging

in the 1990s, various foreign winding packaging technologies have been digested and absorbed by some coastal enterprises. Organized by the national packaging improvement office, and attended by relevant ministries and commissions such as the national science and Technology Commission and the national building materials administration, as well as packaging offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Xinjiang and other provinces and cities, and some enterprise experts, the "China shipping can export and transport these data through RS232 port packaging delegation" has successively visited Australia, New Zealand and the United States to conduct special investigations on winding packaging technology, Subsequently, the newly established Beijing parkin Packaging Co., Ltd. implemented the development. In just a few years, winding packaging equipment in China has developed rapidly. From only twoorthree in the middle and late 1990s to more than 30. Among them, there are fiveorsix influential companies, and the national market share of winding and packaging machines has reached about threeorfour thousand. Winding film has also developed from import to more than 600 enterprises producing and distributing winding film

problems in winding packaging

at present, the total annual consumption of winding packaging film across the country is about 60000 tons, 40% of which are imported. Domestic winding film is about 30000 tons, of which only 9 are large-scale winding film production lines, most of which are small-scale ones. Compared with developed countries, there is still a big gap between our kind of winding film. The market of winding packaging in the domestic coastal areas has initially taken shape, and the winding packaging market in the western region is still in a "blind spot" state, with great market potential. It should be said that the application of winding packaging in China is still in its infancy

winding packaging technology in foreign countries has developed rapidly, from million tons in the early 1990s to nearly 2million tons now in developed countries

in the United States alone, about 250million goods are loaded and transported by winding, stretching and wrapping method every year. According to "how to choose a suitable packaging system for production" published in the Journal of packaging science in the United States, the market share of winding packaging machines in the United States has reached 45000 units in, and more than 100000 units have been produced by Lintex in the United States. These data show that although the winding packaging technology in China has developed rapidly, there is still a big gap compared with developed countries

four suggestions for winding packaging

ideas for promoting the progress and development of winding packaging industry

1. Intensive integration and implementation of joint development strategy

the competition of packaging products depends on three factors: product performance and cost, price and delivery time. At present, the development of winding packaging equipment and film and the identification of cross-section tension and compression adopt the corresponding bending tension and bending compression modulus of elasticity respectively. Except for 89 large enterprises, most of them are small and medium-sized enterprises. In the process of production and sales, regardless of product quality, performance and service life, they try their best to make an issue of price and lower the price. There has been serious vicious competition, which has greatly hindered high performance, The development of high-level winding packaging machines and winding films has confused the domestic and international markets, and has had a negative impact on the development of China's packaging industry and national economy

therefore, we should take the road of joint development, concentrate the scattered forces in the industry, unite the forces of R & D, manufacturing, circulation and education, form a joint force, and then radiate and diffuse to the whole industry to develop equipment and membranes with better performance and quality and appropriate price. Find out the situation of the industry, so as to better formulate policies, guide and serve the industry, and make the market competition from disorder to order

2. Strengthening such models has not only achieved the success of China in the past, but also established China's green packaging industry system and accelerated the process of integrating with the world

3. Accelerate the integration with international standards

promote international standards in the packaging industry and eliminate non-standard production. In winding packaging production enterprises, we should publicize and implement the "national standard for pallet winding packaging machines", supplement and improve other national standards for winding packaging machines, and revise the national standards for "stretch packaging" and "heat shrinkable packaging". This is the basis for eliminating the uneven quality of products

4. Establish industry associations

let industry associations play a greater role in safeguarding the rights and interests of enterprises, participate in the formulation of regulations for the development of the industry, make statistics on the production and import and export of the industry, formulate the development plan of the industry, and participate in or organize negotiations on trade disputes

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