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The development status and future trend of plastic film substrate industry

in late October, Hu Xiaona, general manager of China plastic film, analyzed the development status and future trend of plastic film substrate industry at a film industry chain conference. The capacity and load of plastic film base materials are closely related to downstream flexible packaging enterprises, and the flexible packaging factory must not know

I. Development Status of plastic packaging industry at home and abroad

1. Overview of the international flexible packaging market: the global flexible packaging market is about $50billion, the United States is about $25.5 billion, and China is about $5billion

2. Current development status of China's plastic film industry China's plastic upholstery industry has entered a shifting period of slowing growth, from high-speed growth to medium speed growth. Output growth: it was 8.99% in 2012, 8.02% in 2013 and 7.85% in 2014, which failed to achieve the 12% target set in the 12th Five Year Plan, while the export growth rate fell significantly

II. Current development status of double pull film in China

double pull film is recognized as one of the "green" materials at present because of its excellent performance, product safety, non toxicity, simple regeneration procedure and wide application fields

at present, China's two-way stretching market has entered the extremely cruel rules of the game, and the fittest survives. At the ebb tide, enterprises should only include Sinopec Maozhan refining and chemical base into the national petrochemical industry base plan. In the fierce competition, through the survival of the fittest, to achieve product upgrading and industrial upgrading, the industry can have hope

1. Analysis of the current development of ordinary base materials - BOPP

China has become an absolute global production power:

① production capacity will be released centrally from 2013 to 2015

② elimination of equipment with narrow width, high energy consumption and low energy production

③ enterprises without competitive advantage withdraw voluntarily

④ the 8.2m old production line camera has become a chicken rib

2. Analysis of the current development of ordinary base materials - the BOPET

BOPET industry will repeat the mistakes of BOPP in 2008:

① in 2011, there were 44 BOPET production enterprises in China, with 91 production lines (82 import lines and 9 domestic lines) with a production capacity of 1.41 million tons

② 14 new production lines were added in 2012, with a capacity of 301000 tons (65000 tons of thick film)

in ③, 33 new production lines were added with 813000 tons, including 12 thick films with 207000 tons

④ by 2014, the total capacity of BOPET will exceed 2.5 million tons, and the BOPET industry will face the most serious loss period in the history of domestic double pull film

3. Analysis of the current development of ordinary base materials - there are not many new production lines in BOPA

BOPA industry in the past two years. At present, there are 8, 20 production lines, and a capacity of 100000 tons. The new synchronous film stretching line of Cangzhou Donghong and Xiamen Changsu will be put into production, and the total domestic production capacity will reach 120000 tons at that time. According to the news, a domestic enterprise is actively preparing for the pa6-pbopa large-scale integrated production project. Once it is put into operation, the fragile supply-demand balance of BOPA will be seriously overturned. BOPA film processing fee is about 6000-8000 yuan, and the industry is in a state of low profit. In addition, BOPA industry will also be impacted by multi-layer coextrusion blow molding or cast film

III. current situation and future of bulk base membrane

1. BOPP membrane: in 2015, the production capacity will exceed 5million tons, and the load will be reduced to 73%. Synthetic paper, laser film, aluminized substrate, pearlescent, extinction, smoke film, heat sealing and other functional films are few, but the application field is developing rapidly and the competition is fierce, but the output of high-end films is still limited

2. CPP Film: the production capacity will exceed 2million tons in 2015, and the recommended stretching ratio of 2.5:1 and 3:1 will be reduced to 60%. Product diversification: inflatable film, tissue film, high-end cooking film, pesticide film, etc. The process of equipment localization is fast, and a large number of new lines will be put into operation in the future. Due to the lack of high-end membranes, the import production line is also expected to have a small climax in the future

3. BOPET film: in 2015, the production capacity will exceed 2.5 million tons, and the load will be 72%. After experiencing the peak in 2010, the current industry profits have fallen to the bottom. At present, there are 16 production lines of Double Star color plastic. In the future, there are four optical film production lines planned, and 21 lines planned by Hengli. Seven lines will be put into production in 2014; Sanfangxiang 8 production lines are planned

4. BOPA membrane: in 2015, the production capacity exceeded 120000 tons, and the load was 80%. Super nylon: a typical representative of unijico. Some still need to be imported

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