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Development status and forecast of domestic toilet paper market

toilet paper is a disposable sanitary product in household paper, also known as toilet paper. It has roll shape and folding double fold, but at present, it is more than triple fold, which is mainly used for cleaning hands in toilets in public places such as hotels, hotels, office buildings, airports, operas, clubs, etc. of course, it is also suitable for families; There is also a special paper rack (box) for the convenience of using the products. Because there is no need to wait for the use of toilet paper, a piece of paper is to dry one's hands according to a dictionary Σ. After use, there is no hair dust on your hands, which is soft and comfortable. It has gradually replaced the electric baking in the bathroom. From the five-star hotel more than a decade ago to the current urban coffee shop, it is deeply welcomed by the majority of guests

1. Consumption status of toilet paper at home and abroad

at present, toilet paper accounts for 21.6% of the world's per capita consumption of household paper. In terms of purpose, personal consumption accounts for 56.6% and commercial consumption accounts for 43.4%; The product structure of household paper in the U.S. market, toilet paper accounted for 31%, and the Western European market accounted for 19%. It is expected that the increment of toilet paper in the world will be about 1.5 million tons by 2010. More than 90% of Chinese toilet paper is consumed in the commercial market, and personal consumption is mainly concentrated in high-income families and groups with strong personal hygiene awareness. The consumer market is also concentrated in large and medium-sized cities in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Bohai Bay region, as well as Hong Kong and Macao, and there is little involvement in the southwest and northwest mainland; At present, the consumption of toilet paper in China accounts for only 0.2% of the total amount of household paper, which is far from that in North America and Europe. Although the number of devices designed for this purpose is mostly titanium or titanium alloy or peek, which is too small, it is increasing at a rate of more than 40% per year. At the beginning of this year, the monthly sales volume in Shanghai has exceeded 15000 TEUs, nearly 10000 TEUs in Guangzhou, 3000 TEUs in Beijing and Tianjin, and even the coastal tourist cities Dalian, Qingdao, Fuzhou Xiamen also has a good performance of selling 1000 cases per month. According to preliminary statistics, the annual sales of toilet paper across the country are 600000 standard cases, equivalent to more than 5000 tons of base paper. It is estimated that the total consumption of toilet paper in China will exceed 80000 tons by 2010

2. Current situation of production and processing of domestic toilet paper base paper

the production of domestic toilet paper base paper accounts for less than 0.2% of household paper, which is far from being compared with Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, China Province in North America, Western Europe and Asia. A large number of high-quality toilet paper base paper still rely on imports. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 20 paper mills that can produce base paper in China, and the equipment is mostly the transformation of thin toilet paper machines, and the production is usually discontinuous, Most of the machines are concentrated in Guangdong Province, and a few in Hebei, Zhejiang, Hunan, Guangxi and other provinces. Most of the base paper manufacturers in Guangdong are equipped with processing equipment, but the imported four row and five row folding machines with high production capacity are located in several large-scale foreign-funded enterprises, such as Xinhui Weida, jinhongye paper, and Guangzhou Xiangwei. Many double row domestic machines are distributed in some small paper processing enterprises. According to the current single machine capacity, jinxiye is the largest, The base paper is produced and processed in Suzhou

3. The quality of domestic toilet paper

since a factory in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province produced the first toilet paper in the mid-1980s, the standard of high-volume wrinkled toilet paper has been used in China. Because toilet paper requires some specific physical indicators in processing and use, blind production cannot fully reflect the required product characteristics, coupled with mixed models, different processes, and uneven quality, Not to mention in line with international standards, today's domestic products are often defined by raw materials. All wood pulp is high-grade, wood grass mixed pulp is medium-grade, and white paper edge and waste paper deinked pulp are low-grade

4. The development prospect of domestic toilet paper is broad.

● the renewal of national consumption concept will promote the sharp increase of personal consumption.

95% of China's household paper market is personal consumption, and the commercial market only accounts for 5%. For more than a decade, toilet paper has been positioned in the commercial market, and has not been widely involved in the household market. At present, for personal consumption groups, toilet paper is not as close to family life as handkerchief, napkin and toilet roll, People are often used to wiping their hands with a cotton towel after washing their hands, and even most consumers do not know that there is paper to wipe their hands, let alone understand other uses of toilet paper; In fact, according to the current sales price in the commercial market, the price of toilet paper is still lower than that of ordinary handkerchief paper on supermarket shelves; Toilet paper is not a luxury, nor does it have the problem of high consumption of products. To promote personal consumption and develop good hygiene habits, the key is to cultivate the new consumption concept of the people. In this regard, scarlet paper industry has taken the lead. As early as the end of the last century, it launched two fold "only clean and elegant" products, and also launched three fold "Qingfeng" products last autumn. The fully enclosed plastic bag packaging is very suitable for sale in many supermarkets. At present, good marketing and advertising can stimulate the huge potential market of personal consumption of toilet paper

● make full use of domestic resources to produce various grades of toilet paper products

unlike European and North American countries, China's paper fiber raw materials are seriously poor in forest resources, and the proportion of wood pulp only accounts for 17%. Bleached wood pulp is almost entirely imported, while straw pulp and waste paper recycled pulp account for more than 80%, which can be called a large country of straw pulp in the world. Rich grass fibers such as awn, reed and bagasse are good raw materials for mid-range toilet paper products. Moreover, there has been a successful precedent for using reed pulp to produce toilet paper for decorations; Secondly, in order to protect the seriously deteriorated ecological environment, the application of secondary fiber has been paid more and more attention by the paper industry. Toilet paper products produced with recycled pulp in Guangdong have occupied 70% of the commercial market in Hong Kong

● the quality of toilet paper is constantly improving

toilet paper was basically imported more than a decade ago. Now many processing enterprises import toilet paper base paper produced in the United States, Japan and Taiwan, China province of China, especially the medium and high-grade recycled pulp base paper produced in the United States. Because of its high quality, low price and stable quality, it is widely welcomed by end customers; In recent years, the quality of domestic base paper has improved rapidly. Many manufacturers have updated their papermaking equipment and reformed their production processes. For example, a factory in Nanning, Guangxi, uses domestic medium and long fiber wood pulp to produce high-quality base paper suitable for processing by imported high-speed folding machines. Its water absorption index alone is more than three times higher than that of imported paper. Its super absorption and high wet strength have won the favor of consumers; At the same time, the quality of recycled deinked pulp toilet paper produced by a factory in Jiangmen, Guangdong Province has been close to that of base paper imported from the United States after years of exploration

● many brands have competed in the Xu market

at present, foreign-funded enterprises play an important role in the competition for the domestic commercial market. There are Kimberly Clark's "Shujie", "tianrou", golden Hongye's "weijieya" and "Qingfeng", sunway's unnecessary loss "DF Qixiang", Smick's "Jieyun" together with Weida, Zhongshun, triangle and other paper mills occupy more than half of the market. In terms of varieties, Kimberly Clark's "Shujie" is unique. The toilet paper produced with the world's advanced professional technology of uctad has been loved by business customers once it is launched

● toilet paper will be a new bright spot in the development of household paper in the next decade.

domestic toilet paper production started late, with a low starting point, small production volume and narrow sales, Parker said: "The new factory is fully equipped. Up to now, nearly 50% of the products are not really qualified toilet paper. There is a broad space for the production of toilet paper with high quality and suitable for the needs of domestic consumers, which brings new hope to the highly competitive household tissue production enterprises. Today, China needs a number of paper-making enterprises specializing in the production of toilet paper to seize this opportunity to explore and occupy this huge potential market.

change The reform and opening-up has promoted the rapid and stable growth of China's economy, the increasing level of national living consumption, the hosting of the Beijing Olympic Games and the Shanghai WorldExpo, and the vigorous development of domestic tourism and catering industry. It can be imagined that in the near future, toilet paper, like ordinary paper towels, will be closer to people's work and life, and more integrated into ordinary people's families and commercial public places

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