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2020 development status of electronic measuring instrument industry and analysis of market investment prospect scale

electronic measuring instruments are based on circuit technology and integrate electronic testing and measurement technology, computer technology, communication technology, digital technology, software technology, bus technology, etc. to form a single machine or automatic test system. Electronic measuring instruments are related economy and strategic industry. Its pulling force on GDP is 66%, and its relevance to the national economy is 9. Develop new products and improve product requirements by more than 0%. The electronic measuring instrument industry is the embodiment of a country's comprehensive technical level, an important symbol of national defense strength, and an important guarantee for the sustainable and stable development of the national economy. The development of domestic electronic measuring instruments is still in an immature stage. After a period of silence, the instrument industry slowly began to recover. There are two main reasons for the substantial growth of products. First, the huge demand of the market, especially the huge development of the communication, radio and television markets, has led to the rapid growth of the electronic measurement instrument market. Second, the electronic measurement instrument industry has developed rapidly in the direction of digitalization and intelligence in recent years, and launched some digital products, thus achieving rapid growth in several categories

2020 development status and market investment prospect scale analysis of electronic measuring instrument industry

measuring instruments are the third-party standards required for measuring in order to obtain some attribute values of the target object. Measuring instruments generally have scales, volumes and other units. The basic contents of the concept of measuring instrument include: accuracy, error, measuring standard equipment, length measurement, angle measurement, shape measurement, and traditional optical instruments. Application in precision measurement, etc. There are two kinds of measuring instruments: contact test and optical test (most used now). Contact test: general measuring tools and 3D measuring tools (CMM is also called cubic element). CMM is also called cubic element. It can measure many complex spatial dimensions, such as molds and automotive products

electronic measuring instruments have a unique strategic industry. Its own development has a very obvious impact on the development of the entire national economy, especially the electronic information industry. The market of electronic measuring instruments in China is huge and in great demand. Electronic measuring instruments play a vital role in the development of electronic information industry

domestic electronic measurement technology and electronic measurement instruments have developed rapidly, and are widely used in the measurement of boxes, frames, gears, cams, worm gears, worms, blades, curves, curved surfaces, hardware, plastics and other industries in the industries of automobile, electronics, machinery, automobile, aviation steel, Chengxin mining, military, mold and so on

with the growth of industrial measurement, laboratory instruments and other subdivisions, especially domestic brands, driven by the continuous growth of investment and environmental protection issues, the CMM Sharma and business partner crispan industry will enter a sustainable development cycle. At present, the domestic enterprises with CMM production capacity of more than 400 sets/year mainly include hexcon, Zeiss Zeiss, Wenzel Wenzel, Tokyo precision, Sanfeng, Qingdao Verdi, etc. Compared with domestic CMM, the price of imported CMM is higher, ranging from 20% to 70%. For some small and medium-sized enterprises, the high price has become the main obstacle to choose imported brands

from the current industrial investment environment, in order to revitalize the stock enterprises and attract incremental enterprises, the domestic industrial parks give priority to the intelligent manufacturing and advanced equipment manufacturing projects related to the instrument industry, as well as the instrument projects with independent knowledge property rights, patents and independent brands according to the new standard plant conditions; Cultivate and support national and provincial high-tech projects and R & D, testing and other production service supporting projects to settle in; Vigorously support enterprises and other projects with large tax contributions to settle in. For eligible projects, preferential policies such as stepped rent and reduction of the percentage of factory rent in the current year will be implemented

at present, the independent research and development of scientific instruments has been paid attention to in innovative countries. Countries such as Europe, America and Japan regard "developing first-class scientific instruments to support first-class scientific research" as a national strategy, and give key support to the equipment and innovation of scientific instruments. In the "seventh framework plan" (year), 4.1 billion euros were spent mainly on the construction of new research infrastructure such as radiation sources, telescopes and databases; The natural science and Engineering Research Council of Canada has formulated the "research tools, instruments and facilities plan". At present, a few domestic enterprises can produce some high-end electronic measuring instruments, but due to the lack of comprehensive grasp of key technologies, coupled with the gap between the process level and raw materials and the foreign advanced level, there is a certain gap between the product and the foreign advanced level in terms of technology and quality, which affects the market share of the product. Electronic measuring instruments have a unique relevance strategy. Their own development plays a very important role in the development of the entire national economy, especially the electronic information industry. Developing high-end electronic measuring instruments independently is the right choice for countries and enterprises. In the next few years, strengthening talent training and improving the independent innovation ability of industry enterprises have become the top priority. At the same time, the adjustment of national industrial structure and the acceleration of industrial informatization will strengthen the reshuffle and reorganization of enterprises in the industry. Only when the economic scale, R & D investment and market share meet the industry recognized standards can they have a place; The market competition of middle and low-end general measuring instruments will be white hot, and its performance is not only the competition of price, but also the competition of overall strength, such as publicity, quality, supply, service, etc; Teaching instruments and laboratory supporting instruments will become the focus of market competition

with the increasing competition in the electronic measuring instrument industry, domestic excellent industry enterprises pay more and more attention to the research on the market, especially the in-depth research on the development environment of enterprises and the changes of customer demand trends. Because of this, a large number of domestic excellent industry enterprises have risen rapidly and gradually become the leaders in the industry

this report uses the first-hand market data collected by Zhongyan Puhua from the long-term market tracking of the electronic measuring instrument industry, and applies advanced scientific analysis models to comprehensively and accurately structure the analysis system for you from the overall height of the industry. Combined with the background of electronic measuring instrument industry, the report deeply and objectively analyzes the development status, development scale and competition pattern of China's electronic measuring instrument industry; The current market environment and competition pattern of the industry, the market demand characteristics of products, the operation of leading enterprises in the industry, and the future development trend and Prospect of the industry are analyzed; At the same time, with the comprehensive and detailed first-hand continuous market data of the whole industry in the past five years, you can comprehensively and accurately grasp the market trend and development trend of the whole industry

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