Development record of Zhuzhou South Valve Co., Ltd

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The development record of Zhuzhou South Valve Co., Ltd.

was established in 1996 and completed the joint-stock transformation in 2003. It has two well-known trademarks of Zhuhua and Zhuhua graphics and three holding enterprises. Its industry covers casting, valves, intelligent actuators, etc. and has formed a complete industrial chain in the field of fluid control. At the same time, it is also a key high-tech enterprise of the national torch plan with a total asset of 320 million yuan. It was established in 1996 and completed the joint-stock transformation in 2003. It has two well-known trademarks of Zhuhua and Zhuhua graphics and three holding enterprises. Its industries cover casting, valves, intelligent lead screw transmission and rack transmission, which have formed a complete industrial chain in the field of fluid control. At the same time, it is also a key high-tech enterprise of the national torch plan with a total assets of 320million yuan

this is Zhuzhou Nanfang Valve Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Nanfang valve) developed in less than 19 years


when it comes to southern valve, we can't help mentioning its leader Huang Jing

In 1982, Huang Jing was assigned to Zhuzhou brewery after graduation from University, and then transferred to Zhuzhou hydropower section of Hunan Changsha Railway Corporation as a technician. I never thought that this seemingly ordinary job transfer would make Huang Jing's life change so much

insiders know that the biggest threat to the water supply system comes from water hammer. Once the pump is stopped, the impact force of the water hammer will oscillate back and forth in the pipeline. In serious cases, it will damage the fixed frame of the pipeline and the pump body, and damage the rubber seal ring of the control valve, resulting in system paralysis, thus affecting the normal operation of the locomotive. Although the check valve, electric valve and water hammer eliminator valve were installed in Zhuzhou hydropower station at that time to prevent the damage of water hammer, the installation of the three valves together not only takes up a large space, but also the effect of eliminating water hammer is not ideal and maintenance is difficult. To this end, Zhuzhou hydropower station introduced the then very advanced multi-function valve produced in Israel, but this valve is only equivalent to the role of check valve and electric valve, while the water hammer elimination device needs to be set separately and is expensive

how to integrate the functions of check valve, electric valve and water hammer eliminator valve into one valve is not only a world-class problem, but also an opportunity for Huang Jing

therefore, Huang Jing started with the analysis of working principle, combined the learned mechanical principle, fluid mechanics, automatic control principle and other disciplinary knowledge, and through continuous research and repeated thinking, he has successively achieved many technical achievements, such as the reversing control valve of hydraulic gate valve, micro resistance slow closing water upper and bottom valve, hydraulic automatic gate valve and so on. Among them, the reversing control valve of hydraulic gate valve applied for a national patent in 1995, and the micro resistance slow closing water bottom valve won the 1995 Railway Science and technology major contribution award

in order to turn his scientific research achievements into productivity, Huang Jing and three college students jointly raised 53000 yuan to establish Zhuzhou south water supply and drainage equipment manufacturing plant in 1992. At that time, the conditions were very difficult, but under the leadership of Huang Jing, from skilled lathe workers to procurement, production, assembly and sales personnel, everyone twisted into a rope, ran around day and night, and finally shouldered the banner of entrepreneurship

in 1996, Nanfang valve was established with a registered capital of 500000 yuan. Among them, Huang Jing priced 150000 yuan for one of his patents, and another 350000 yuan was raised by four sponsors. Although there were many difficulties and even the embarrassment of having no money on the account twice, Huang Jing never gave up the research and development of multi-function pump control valve

In 1997, Nanfang valve finally developed a multi-function pump control valve

in 1998, the multi-function water pump control valve reached the domestic leading level, and the structure and control mode of the valve filled the domestic gap, as identified by the Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Commission. Subsequently, Nanfang valve gradually developed domestic leading hydraulic control valves such as hydraulic floating ball valve, pilot type adjustable pressure reducing valve, safety relief valve and electric remote control valve

these scientific research achievements have given Nanfang valve the confidence to face the market calmly


it is not difficult to trace the development track of Nanfang valve. Based on the heat exchange technology of refrigerant through condenser isothermal and 4-week medium after science and technology, and taking product innovation as the soul, it is the main reason for the rapid development of Nanfang valve

the new valve engineering technology research center established by Nanfang valve provides a solid foundation for innovative products. Its products include 27 series of products with more than 1500 specifications, such as multifunctional water pump control valve, soft seal gate valve, hard seal butterfly valve, diaphragm quick opening sludge discharge valve, backflow preventer, hydraulic control butterfly valve, etc., which are widely used in municipal water supply, sewage treatment, petrochemical industry, iron and steel metallurgy, water conservancy and power Water supply and drainage or fluid control systems for high-rise buildings and other industries. The hl94x diversion piston control valve, JD745X new anti sediment multi-function pump control valve and kd741x/h double seal heavy hammer hydraulic control butterfly valve developed by it have not only passed the appraisal of the Ministry of water resources, but also are at the international leading level

at present, Nanfang valve has 28 national patents (including 6 invention patents), and has won 8 provincial, ministerial and municipal scientific and technological progress awards. It has become the manufacturer of waterway valves with the largest production diameter (dn5300) and the highest pressure (PN100) that is prone to needle holes and insufficient adhesion. It is the most important provider of complete solutions to water hammer problems and complete equipment provider of large turbine inlet valves in China, It has been listed as the unit responsible for the localization of key valves of supercritical thermal power units by the national energy administration. Nanfang valve has also successively undertaken 3 national key new product projects, 2 National Torch Program projects, 1 national innovation fund key project, 4 Hunan Torch Program projects, and won 4 science and technology progress awards from the Ministry of Railways and Hunan Province. In recent years, 8 products of Nanfang valve have passed the national and ministerial appraisal, of which 3 are at the international leading level and 5 have reached the international advanced level

the effective application of science and technology, the continuous emergence of innovative achievements, and the recognition of authoritative departments time and again have given Nanfang valve more say


small valves, one open and one close, are all related to the interests of customers

therefore, Nanfang valve takes "paying attention to customers and exceeding expectations" as the development concept that the enterprise adheres to for a long time

when carrying out product innovation and R & D, enterprises do not only take meeting the needs of customers as the only direction, but take the needs of customers and the future development and possible needs of related fields as comprehensive considerations, carry out advanced research and development, and strive to make innovative products bring unexpected surprises to customers. The enterprise takes the strict quality, environment and safety management system as a strong backing to expand the market, and has established 43 direct sales service institutions across the country to provide all-round after-sales service for every customer

guided by the concept of "paying attention to customers and exceeding expectations", Nanfang valve products and brand image have been widely recognized by the society. The company has successively participated in the construction of the Yangtze River Three Gorges project, the South-to-North Water Transfer Project, the PetroChina Tarim Oilfield project, the Baosteel Group project, the PetroChina/SINOPEC circulating water project, the Shenhua Group coal to liquid project, the Beijing Waterworks Group project, the Shanxi Wanjiazhai Yellow River Diversion Project, etc., and its popularity is getting higher and higher

the society is moving forward and the environment is changing, but the idea of Nanfang valve to lead product innovation with science and technology has not changed, and the concept of giving extra value to customers and assuming responsibility for society has not changed. Adhering to this idea and concept, Nanfang valve is sure to get better and better

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