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Hankou bank innovated the customer service model and launched "home customer service"

in response to the increasingly complex novel coronavirus epidemic, on February 1, Hankou bank took the lead in launching home customer service in the financial industry. After nearly three weeks of operation, it effectively eased the on-site traffic pressure of the customer service center during the epidemic period, and realized the home financial service with distributed personnel and no influence on customers. In terms of model innovation, the home customer service agent of the bank only needs a computer and a 4g-vpn device to accept customer consultation and business handling. When a customer dials Hankou bank customer service 96558, the system automatically assigns the customer's call between the on-site customer service and home customer service. The agent can carry out remote home customer service by relying on the callcenter system. Combined with the background, they are all equipment recording, quality inspection, monitoring and other management mechanisms for various material strength experiments. The system is simple, efficient and safe, and realizes the innovation of customer service business model

in terms of technical security, home customer service carries out 4G special communication through VPN tunnel technology. After the 4G access professional router dials successfully, it establishes an ipsecvpn tunnel with the primary and standby encryption gateways, uses digital certificates for authentication, and ensures bank data transmission through national secret algorithms. At the same time, the designated security software shall be installed on the seat terminal, and the USB interface and external connection shall be blocked to ensure the security of information data and operation system in an all-round way from the software and hardware

in recent years, the bank has made great efforts to develop mobile financial services. There are few waste plastic recycling plants. Mobile linlibao video should make the jaw symmetrically clamp the samples as required, and other businesses are leading in the industry. The rapid launch of home customer service is a full demonstration of the bank's years of accumulation of mobile financial technology. The home customer service emergency team established by the bank during the war and epidemic period focused on overcoming difficulties in hardware resources, network security, system deployment, personnel management and so on in case of similar extreme weather in less than 10 days. In recent years, the bank has focused on the development of mobile financial services, and mobile linlibao video and other businesses are leading in the industry. After the home customer service of Hankou bank was launched, nearly 50% of the manual call volume has been accepted by the home agent, effectively alleviating the epidemic prevention and control pressure of centralized office work

in order to jointly combat the epidemic, relevant technical implementation plans have been exchanged with interbank financial institutions. Hankou bank is determined to work together with all bankers to forge ahead and open a new chapter of thinking to serve you

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