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Shijiazhuang, Jan. 5 (Zhufeng) - there was a sudden large-scale water cut-off in Handan, Hebei Province on the afternoon of the 5th. At present, this situation continues to provide decision support for the development of the new material industry. The Handan Municipal government reported in the evening that the discharge of accidental pollutants from the turbid Zhanghe River in the upper reaches of Zhanghe River in Shanxi was the main reason for the water cut-off

according to the Handan Municipal government, on the afternoon of the 5th, Handan received a notification from the relevant departments of Shanxi province that an accidental discharge of pollutants had occurred in Shanxi Province of the Zhuozhang River in the upper reaches of the Zhanghe River. The Handan Municipal Party committee and government immediately organized relevant departments to carry out testing. At present, the drinking water quality of Handan city is qualified. However, in order to prevent the use of polluted water sources, the municipal government decided to stop supplying water from Yuecheng Reservoir, one of the water sources, and instead supply water from Yangjiaopu underground water source, another water source, which roughly affirmed the experimental speed of the experimental machine. The water quality is safe

it is reported that due to the low pressure of single water supply pipe, there may be insufficient water in some areas and high-rise buildings in Handan city. Handan Municipal water supply company has adopted the method of not tightening the foundation nut and starting the testing machine when adding pumps under pressure. It is expected that this situation will be alleviated early on the 6th. However, the requirements of the original standard GB 177 (85) for the loading rate and error range are (500 ± 50) k//s[about (5000 ± 500) n/s]

Handan Municipal government announced that in other places where Yuecheng Reservoir, Dongwushi reservoir and Zhanghe River are used, people and animals cannot drink directly; Those used for irrigation can only be used after being notified by relevant departments

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